Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Canine Art Guild - Online Art Show

The Artist's Best Friend" CAG online Art Show will be live April 1st 2007. This a newly formed group of canine artists showcasing artwork depicting their own dogs or dogs that have been influential and inspiring to them. Below is a sneak preview of my entries.

My best canine friend is our beloved chocolate lab, K-C. Her portrait is featured in a place of honor at the top of my pet portrait page on my website. (www.animalsinpastels.com/pet-portraits.html )This 11x14 soft pastel painting was completed when she was six years old and painted on grey tinted velour pastel paper. It was a joy to paint this particular portrait of her with all the different colors highlighted on her fur as she sat in the setting sun. She is now 11 years old and showing more white hairs around her muzzle and paws each day, but is still beautiful to us. My husband calls her my constant shadow, following me out to the barn each day, and curling up by my rocking chair when I read in the evenings. If I am working at the computer she is sleeping on her dog bed behind me in our office. Even in my studio while painting, you will find her napping at my feet and always runs to the door eagerly, if she hears "OK girl, time to take a break, let's go for a walk." K-C is the seventh dog my husband and I have owned and raised, each of the animals that have come into our lives throughout the past 30 years continues to weave a special place in our hearts. The love and bond between humans and animals are very unique and that special bond is the reason I have been painting commissioned pet portraits since 1990. Through my portraits my clients display the love and bond that they have developed with their animal companions and keep these cherished memories alive for a lifetime.

For my second online submission I would like to share with you a recent pastel painting that was of one of my client's best friends, a Yellow Lab, named Zeke. I chose a Crescent Moorman suede board with a Pearle tint to compliment the color of Zeke's beautiful golden fur for this soft pastel painting. Below is the completed 16x20 portrait commissioned in January 2007 and also a small close up version to show the finer details of the finished portrait. Even though I have always loved painting on French velour pastel paper with my soft pastels, I feel the Crescent Moorman suede board allows me to create finer details without compromising the softness of the animals fur. Judge for yourselves with the examples below. I hope you enjoy all the other wonderful canine artwork displayed for your enjoyment through our CAG online art show at www.canineartguild.com

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