Monday, February 05, 2007

The Artist Horse As Muse Show

The Artist Horse as Muse Show is a show of the Equine Art Guild Artist showcasing their love of horses. The online art show will be live on March 18, 2007. Below is a preview of my submission.

"Food for the Soul" ~ Black & White Photograph ~NFS

This photograph was taken in June of 2006 of my Morgan mare "Rosie" and I, by a friend and fellow photographer; Arlene McConnell. Rosie, who has filled the void in my soul since she came to us in 1994, is also a constant inspiration to me in my equine art. With Arlene's permission, I edited the photo by cropping and removing some of the background objects, enhanced the tonal quality by converting it to black & white, than added an artistic edging for this photograph submission of us together.

My Second submission is an 8x10 digital reproduction titled ~ Celebrating the Love of Horses ~Available to purchase @ $25.00 +s&h. This reproduction is from my original pastel painting of my first horse "Misty" purchased by my husband for me in 1982. She was my childhood dream come true and I was very fortunate to have owned such a wonderful animal for my first horse. My fondness memory of "Misty" was when I rode her bare back on a snowy winters night with the full moon shining across the freshly fallen snow. Over the years we would jump fences fearlessly and complete our first level dressage test together. I will never forget my 3 year old son walking up to this mare in her stall after we first brought her home, telling her to back with authority so that he could pass, whereas this mare backed and then followed my son through the stall door and into the pasture. My husband and I both looked at each other and knew than that our son was safe with this mare. This print is actually from my original Morgan montage completed in 2004, painted in soft pastels on Moorman Suede board. Since most of my time is spent painting commissioned portraits of other people's animals, I wanted to paint this montage for myself as a remembrance of the horses we raised. The original 24x36 montage is displayed in our living room and continues to evoke fond memories of our beloved Morgan horses each time we pass. If you would like to view the complete montage as displayed on my website, click here: You will notice my Morgan mares depicted at different ages throughout their lives starting when they were just a few weeks old. I also added the stallion's portrait of each of my mares in the lower corners, "Immortal Command" on the left and "Merrilee Aquarius" to the right. I than finished the montage with a small portrait of my son, Christopher, meeting our first horse Misty when he was three years old.

My third and final submission for this online muse show is of "Beau" a Shire Draft horse. This is an 11x14 original pastel on rose-colored Moorman Suede board. For those who are interested, Beau's original portrait is available for sale, framed and ready to hang for $400.00 + s&h. Also available are 8x10 prints of the original for only $25.00 each +s&h. To view the framed portrait please visit my website link at Beau is the current ambassador for the Rockin'T Equine Rescue Farm here in Lisbon Falls, Maine. I fell in love with Beau nearly seven years ago when I first saw him just after he was rescued. Standing alone, nobly in the corner of the paddock with his mane snarled and matted, his frame bone thin and his legs severely mite infected. Over the next two years during his rehabilitation, I visited Beau several times taking many rolls of film of him and sneaking little hand fed treats. Slowly a bond began to develop and it wasn't long before I could stand outside his paddock and call his name and he would come running to greet me. I decided to paint this painting in celebration of his recovery and the dedication of all the people caring for the animals at Rockin'T. To see him today you would not believe he is the same horse with his shiny coat, long mane and beautiful black and white feathers surrounding his legs. 25% of the proceeds of the sale of this painting will go towards the continued care for all the animals currently residing at the rescue farm. If you would like to read more about Beau and his rescue please visit the link on my website ( ) Thank you, and enjoy all the other wonderful equine artwork displayed for your enjoyment through our EAG Muse Show at

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Kristie Roberts said...

Not sure why or how, but I ended up on your blogg and love your stuff. Please contact me at we have 45 Morgans and love them... I am also the manager of the Fun Show sponsored by The Michigan Justin Morgan Horse Assoc.. We hold a silent auction every year and I would love to have a small piece of your stuff to auction off. It would be a great asset to the auction... Please think on it.

Kristie Roberts
MJMHA Fun Show Manager