Saturday, March 05, 2011

Art shows for 2011

Hello Everyone, I usually post my art show listing for the year at this time for all you summer vacationers visiting Maine and wanted to let you know that I have made the decision not to participate in any outdoor art festivals again this year. With the economy still lagging especially in Maine and the price of gas going up again along with show and booth fees it is just not economically feasible. Sadly for the last 2 years most artists have not been able to recover the cost of setting up for there outdoor art show, and is getting harder to justify spending the money investing in framing new artwork to display when the art sales are not forthcoming. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining as I perfectly understand. Artwork is not a necessity and people have to make a decision on what to cut. This is the reality of a recession and hopefully it will be better next year. That said, I will be adding a new Gallery Art Show page to my website this summer. It will feature Canvas Gallery Art and framed photography ready to hang. It would be like viewing some of my art work for sale if you were to visit my art booth at a art festival. So this way you will not miss seeing my new art that is available for sale. I will be adding this new Gallery Art Show to my photography gallery at: by Memorial Weekend. So even though I will not be attending any art festivals this year, you can always visit my website to view my latest art work and photography. And don't forget to check out my Gift Shop page at for unique gifts that are of course "Made in Maine." Also for you wildlife lovers visit my new wildlife portraits completed last year, click on this link: Here you will see a pastel portrait of Jabal a male leopard, Tsavo a male lion and Botswana a lioness all painted to help raise awareness of the plight of the big cats living at Tiger Haven Sanctuary in Kingston,Tennessee. Hopefully warmer weather will be coming to stay and all this snow will start melting fast. Think Spring everyone. Until next time.... Love generously. Care deeply. Speak truthfully. Leave the rest to God... Sandra Lee Huston